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List of upcoming GMTA conferences [PDF]

GMTA admitted into official relations with World Health Organization.

Proposal to the WHO on "Shared Interest".

The GMTA looks forward to working collaboratively and constructively with WHO and other stakeholders, as appropriate, to contribute to saving lives, reducing disabilities, promoting quality of life, and creating sustainable health care systems.
We welcome Director General Chan's stated interest in finding synergies with the private sector and other stakeholders to work with WHO to achieve its goals.

Read the full text of the proposal. [PDF]

Thank you letter to Dr. Groth and Ms. Velazquez (June 28, 2011)

The Global Medical Technology Alliance (GMTA), thanks Dr. Groth and Ms. Velazquez of WHO for the meeting on May 16, 2011.
We greatly appreciates their continued work with GMTA and their collaboration with our Alliance.
We wish to thank them for allowing us to provide an update on how the GMTA is developing.

Read the full text of the WHO thank you letter [PDF]

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